How To Adjust Tankless Water Heater Temperature

If you want to save money and lessen the harmful effect you have on the environment, then you must consider buying a tankless water heater right away. Unlike an old-fashioned storage heater, a tankless water heater allows you to heat up your water whenever you need it, on demand.

A storage water heater heats up gallons of water at once and then keeps it warm until you want it which means that your long baths will cost you more money and use up more energy. These traditional heaters also have a negative effect on the environment by wasting a lot of water.

However, a tankless water heater is a great investment and is great both environmentally and financially; but only if you know how it works and how to use it the right way. We have talked about the right way to adjust the temperature on your heater, read on below to find out.

Figure Out The Type Of Water Heater You Have

To understand how to adjust the temperature on your water heater; you first have to recognize the type of water heater you own. There are two kinds of water heater designed for your household usage.

The first tankless water heater heats the water in its holding tank as soon as someone turns on the faucet. With this water heater, hot water is delivered to you right away when you need it. Similarly, there are POU (Point Of Use) devices; these units heat water at the last minute right before it exits the faucet in the sink, bathtub or showerhead.

The term “point of use” is applied to these devices because they heat the water at the exact point where it is needed to be used, instead of heating the water at a central heater.

How To Adjust The Temperature

Adjusting the temperature on your tankless water heater is pretty simple. Every tankless water heater unit or a Point Of Use device comes with a LED panel that can help you adjust the temperature to your desired degree. These LED controls offer you more control over the degree of heat than a traditional storage heater. The dial controls on traditional heaters are less efficient and have a particular range only.

With tankless water heater, you can easily adjust the temperature of your water degree by degree rather than a dial control which is not even precise. You can set the temperature to your desired degree and enjoy your relaxing baths.

If you use multiple Point Of Use devices all throughout your household then you can control the temperature for all your devices separately; for example, you can control the water for the washing machine and at the same time keep the water for your sink cold.

You can easily adjust and set different degrees on each of your devices; you can set the temperature for your bathroom too high whereas your children’s washroom can have a warm temperature setting.

Vent Operations

These tankless water heater units also allow you to regulate the vent controls. Along with having computerized degree control methods you can also pick from fan settings that will let you keep control of the temperature around you. For example, your system will clean the water vapors that may become unsafe if you have not used hot water for some time.

With these vent operations, you can choose from multiple pre-installed fan settings to get rid of any harmful vapors from your household.

Flow Adjustments

These tankless water heaters include flow monitoring devices that will help in letting the homeowners know in case of any flow disruption. Water flow is measured by gallons per minute via an equation. Specific applications such as washing dishes and showering have a minimum standard code set, and your tankless heaters make sure that you never go below this set code.

In case of any disruption such as a problem in plumbing line or faulty leaks, these tankless water heaters alert you right away.

If you are using Point Of Use devices, then these devices allow you to install water flow gadgets that can be easily adjustable; these flow gadgets will help in providing you with a strong spray of water during showering all the while preserving the temperature.


These tankless water heaters are simple and efficient devices that can provide you with water more responsibly. Once you grasp the concept of using these state-of-the-art devices, your showers will become much more relaxing and enjoyable for you.

  • September 5, 2018
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